The Scream Machine reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone at anytime. Unruly behavior, destruction of property, assaulting performers, or any other unacceptable behavior is grounds for immediate removal. If necessary, the police will be called to report any such behavior.

While inside, you will experience effects such as: darkness and low visibility conditions, strobe lighting/colored lighting, fog, loud sounds and music, moving/shaking floors, inclines, declines, steps and swinging doors. 

We strongly advise that you SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE if you are pregnant or live with the following: asthma or other respiratory conditions, heart conditions, seizures, physical injury recovery/surgical recovery, or any other medical/mental health issues which could be brought on, triggered, worsened, exacerbated by the environmental effects listed above. 

Those showing signs of intoxication, and those who threaten to touch, hit, or otherwise assault actors, staff, sets and crew will not be permitted entry to the establishment, No exceptions will be made. These behaviors present serious risks to the safety and well-being of other patrons, staff, and the establishment. If observed engaging in the behaviors listed above or touching sets, engaging in destructive, disruptive, or threatening behaviors while inside the haunt, you will be ejected from the attraction by security.

Smoking, eating, drinking, running, open flame, use of cell phones, outside light sources, photography, videography, and touching of the actors or props are NOT allowed inside the attraction! 

All sales are final, there are no refunds. If you have more questions about health & safety policy and guidelines, you can call (313) 666-FEAR or email at info@thescreammachine.com for more information.

All ages are allowed. We have spent a long time considering the “right” answer for this. When considering bringing a child to a haunted attraction, it’s important to note that fear is experienced differently from person to person at any age. It’s much too difficult for us to give an accurate judgment, and so it is advised that parents make this decision since they know their child the best. We do offer “monster repellent” for purchase at $1 per child.

Rain, Sleet, or Snow The Scream Machine will be open! We have some indoor waiting, but the majority of the queue line is outdoors. Our attraction & escape rooms are completely indoors.

You did ask us to scare you! Sorry, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.

Visa, Mastercard & Cash.

We are accessible to those using mobility aids! Please mention this to a staff member upon entry as we’ll need to make a small arrangement for you.

Please call us for more information, we’d love to provide you with accommodation if we can!

We have free parking onsite, on busier nights you may be redirected to other parking lots near the haunt.

We keep the line moving as quickly as possible, but it all depends on the date/time you choose to come. We typically see more customers on Saturdays, and like all haunted attractions, wait times increase closer to Halloween. 

The Scream Machine works hard to balance the flow of guests entering the haunt to allow groups to enjoy the experience without being rushed, while also reducing the extended wait times for those in line. 

Line entertainers will be in close proximity to guests to keep everyone excited and entertained while waiting.  Don’t forget! We’ve made it easier for you to enter a shorter line by offering our Fast Pass Admission available both online and at the ticket booth.

Not indoors! Cameras are not allowed inside the Haunt & Escape Rooms. This includes but is not limited to flash, digital, or video photography of any kind (including with your phone). While in the queue line you may take photos, reels, videos, snaps or make tiktoks. We do ask that you do so without any flash, to ensure everyone can enjoy the immersive experience. 

PS; We want to see them too, so if you do post them on social media, be sure to tag us! (#thescreammachine)

This depends on the speed of your group while going through the attraction. Since we have a brand new layout and a bigger space this year, we’re expecting an average of 25-30 minutes.

Though they may seem as though they have a very real intention to do so, they will not touch you. (Please offer them the same respect.) The actors who work here are specifically trained to bring you the most extreme experience while preserving the safety of our guests.

Please be mindful that due to the intense nature of our attraction and close proximity, inadvertent contact can happen, even though it is unlikely.

Yes, you may wear a costume, but we don’t allow weapons (real or fake) or masks (save for the protective type). This is to ensure the safety of all of our guests and our crew.  We also ask that you not behave like a character. This could confuse others who may think you’re part of the show, or alert security if you’re pretending in such a way that violates our safety rules.

No smoking or vaping of any kind will be permitted within the queue line, attraction or escape rooms and can cause you to be ejected from wherever you are.

Phones are allowed to be used within the outdoor queue only and once inside the attraction or escape rooms they should be placed into your pocket securely and not taken out for any reason.

Not only does this violate our rule regarding photography & video, but the light does travel in such a way that it can be damaging to the effects we’ve created with our show lighting. 

Dropped phones are RARELY FOUND in a haunted house, they are never found without a broken screen. We are not liable for loss or damage. So please keep it in your pocket!

All personal items need to be left in your vehicle, this includes bags, purses, backpacks, fanny packs, umbrellas, your pet aardvark, knives, vape pens, Etc. We’ll ask that you return them to your vehicle, as we cannot hold onto them for you. Additionally, small personal items like keys should be secured, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Unfortunately no. Lost items are very difficult to find while the show is running due to the low lighting and the delicate timing associated with groups. Any of our crew will direct you to the merch booth where you’ll be asked for a description of the lost item along with your name and contact information. Usually the next day, we will contact you about your item to arrange a time for you to pick it up outside of our operating hours.

Monster Repellent is offered for $1 as a helpful tool for all ages. We’ve often recommended it to those who benefit from the opportunity to experience a less aggressive show than the typical. Whether this is for an adult guest who experiences some anxiety, or is for a kiddo who is trying very hard to make it through. Be assured that monster repellent is powerful! It is revered by all monsters as a warning! Actors are especially trained to modify their tones, approaches, and performances only for the holder(s) of the repellent. Whether this is focusing on the others in the group or delivering something less overwhelming to a solo guest.

Entrances, ticketing, and exits are located at the back of the building. Follow the signs from the parking lot when you arrive.