The Scream Machine Haunted Attraction

Downriver Michigan’s Relentless, In Your Face, Action-Packed Haunt Experience!

Do you dare cross the threshold of insanity and come face to face with your deepest fears? Those brave enough to enter the Machine will start their journey with Madame Clarise at Hawthorne Manor, trying to survive her putrid pets while you navigate the sprawl of the manor’s gruesome grounds. There is no relief in sight as you exit, you’ll begin to see that this exploration of fear has only started.

Will you make it through The Big Top, or will you be trapped in this vile playground to continuously relive your most horrifying fears? Access Strach’s asylum, where his patients are eager to inflict their madness and disease upon you as you make your way through. Can you outlast the trials of the machine, or will you fall victim to Dr. Strach’s maddening research? Try to keep your sanity intact as you gain access to the deepest recesses of your mind and witness the visceral realizations of things pulled straight from your nightmares.

Special Events

Witch’s Revenge: Valentine’s at The Scream Machine

Welcome to Witch’s Revenge where heartache and revenge collide in an immersive Valentine’s event.

Step into the shadowy corridors of Dr. Strach’s Scream Machine, where Madame Clarise, consumed by a need for revenge, awaits. The theft of her scientific passion has driven her to reclaim it by extracting the beating hearts of Strach’s prized experiments. As you navigate the labyrinthine machine’s corridors, you’ll encounter grotesque symbols of vengeance, mirroring the stolen beats of Clarise’s own heart.

Navigate through the machine’s depths, where both ravaged experiments and Clarise’s eerie army of sentries roam. Your path is marked by macabre reminders of stolen passions, and the maddening sounds of beating hearts. Feel the collective agony echoing through the air—a grim symphony of revenge drawing closer to Dr. Strach’s location. Every living thing quivers in fear. Will you survive the impending confrontation?