The Scream Machine Haunted Attraction

Downriver Michigan’s Relentless, In Your Face, Action-Packed Haunt Experience!

Do you dare cross the threshold of insanity and come face to face with your deepest fears? Those brave enough to enter the halls of the asylum will begin their journey with our resident Dr. Strach. Descend from here into the darkest reaches of the machine, beginning at Vonks Asylum, whose residents are eager to inflict their madness upon you. Be ready to gain access to the deepest recesses of your mind and witness the visceral realizations of things pulled straight from your nightmares.

As you exit you begin to see that this exploration of fear has only started. Shall you make it through the crypt, or Nellie’s menagerie of failed creations? Can you survive it with your mind still intact? Or will you be trapped in this vile playground to continuously relive your most horrifying fears and play into Strach’s maddening research? As you emerge, only then do you know what you’re truly afraid of…

Two (2) 5 Minute Mini-Escape Rooms

Do you enjoy puzzles and problem solving? Try out one of our Halloween themed mini-escape rooms after the haunt for only $5 per person.

Trick-or-Treat: Classic Halloween Trick-or-treating, solve the Tricks and get your Treats!

Clownin: Join us under the big top for some gags and prizes!

Special Events


Join us October 23rd from 2-4pm for no tricks and all treats! $5 admission ticket per trick or treater.

Costumes are encouraged and celebrated but not required.

We’ve turned on the lights, powered down the animatronics, tucked away the tools of the trade, and even swapped the monsters in each scene for friendly volunteers who give candy instead of frights!

*Supervision is required as this is not a guided tour, but a self-led walkthrough. Parents/guardians/support persons enter for free but can trick or treat with a ticket as well.

This is also an invitation to experience a haunted house’s scenes and sets without the potential overwhelm caused by intense environmental factors present during normal operations.

We are wheelchair accessible and happy to answer any questions regarding what to expect on your visit! If you would like more information, please contact us at 313-666-FEAR.

Black Out

The lights in the haunt are turned out and guests must navigate the rooms with only a tiny lantern to guide their group. Your favorite slashers and ghouls await you in the dark!